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The Thyroid and Weight Gain
Because individuals with an underactive thyroid tend to have a very low basal metabolic rate, one of the most noticeable symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain and difficulty losing extra weight.

A minority of women with hypothyroidism don’t gain weight. The difference arises from their individual biochemistry, the quality of the calories they consume, and how they use those calories.

Often the “metabolic burn” continues to fall as calories are reduced when dieting. That’s why some women with low thyroid can have weight gain even when they severely restrict calories.

In order to adjust your metabolism, you have to understand your entire health picture, not just your thyroid.

More women than men suffer from hypothyroidism, and many more women than men with thyroid issues have problems with weight gain.
Why do women experience low thyroid and weight gain with such frequency?
The reasons are many-fold, but primarily;

  • Women spend much of their lives dieting, usually in a yo-yo cycle of feasting and then fasting. This undermines your metabolism and decreases your metabolic rate, a compounding factor for the thyroid, especially during perimenopause.
  • Women tend to internalize stress, which affects their adrenal, brain, and thyroid function, resulting in increased cravings for sweets and simple carbs to provide instant energy and feel good hormones.
  • Women experience monthly hormonal fluctuations that affect their biochemistry.
How can Broken Thyroid Help?
Contact us for a phone consult and a Health Assessment. We will interview you and listen to your issues and lifestyle to determine a personalized protocol that works within your budget. Our goal is to provide you with education and information for you to incorporate into your lifestyle. We have been very successful in helping people with thyroid issues to improve their health!

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