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Broken Thyroid was created to educate individuals interested in Thyroid Health
for the Function and Support of the Thyroid and related Body Systems.

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We explore and recommend natural holistic approaches to supporting Healthy Thyroid Function
(Underactive Thyroid)

With this common disorder your thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone.

(Overactive Thyroid)

This is when your thyroid makes too much thyroid hormone.

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

A thyroid disorder in which the body's immune cells mistakenly attack the thyroid gland. This attack damages thyroid cells and interferes with the gland's ability to produce thyroid hormone.
I am so thrilled I found Broken Thyroid. Kristi over the last 6 months has answered my questions, and given me her valuable guidance and recomendations at no charge. The education Broken Thyroid provides is crucial to all who suffer with thryoid problems.
Vicki P.Broken Thyroid Client
I had high TSH levels and my Dr. put me on Levothyroxine to bring my levels down. I contacted a Health Coach at, followed their protocol and the next time I visited my Dr. he was able to lower my Rx dosage. I am going to keep following their suggestions!
Catherine D.RPT / Banner Health
I have been working retail for 8 and a half years. During the last year I started gaining weight (like 50 lbs), felt continually fatigued and worst of all started losing my hair, necessitating the use of wigs…YUK.
Well my doctor visits resulted in a plethora of different diets, concoctions for my hair and pills to increase my energy level. None of these recommendations were successful. I finally visited an endocrinologist who determined that I had Hashimoto’s disease. What???? The Dr. prescribed 125mcg of levothyroxine daily. After 6 months there was very little improvement.

At this point I contacted a life health coach at They gave me an hour and half health assessment with recommendations on dietary changes, information on probable causes of Hashimotos disease and a protocol of holistic herbs and oils to take. Yeah!!! My Dr. has lowered my levothyroxine level down to 25mcg, I have lost 35 lbs and my hair is growing back in!! I highly recommend Broken Thyroid if you want protocols to help you get your life back to normal!!!
Michelle E.Sales Manager / Dillards
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